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Product Overview 

The Swell armchair is the perfect companion for any lobbies, lounges, and even for your home. It is offered in three variations; 360-Degree Swivel, 21-Degree Rocking Motion, and a Tilting Function with Upright Locking Mechanism.


Swell armchair in a breakout area with window

Sculptural Comforting 

The combination of sculptural qualities and a distinctly functional design makes Swell armchair an ideal piece for the contemporary home and public spaces alike. 

closeup of Swell's height adjustable headrest

Headrest adjustable 

The headrest can be height adjusted to support your head comfortably.

Swell armchairs in red fabric facing the alps outdoor

More options is always better 

Be it a recliner, rocking or a just the standard swivel version, you will never go wrong with any one of them.

Two different motion of Swell armchair models

Choose the function you need 

The recliner allows you to tilt backwards while the standard version can swivel and autoreturn to its original position.

Two different motion of Swell armchair models

Winner of the Archidex Star Award 2023 

The Swell armchair has won one of the prestigious product award at the latest Archidex 2023.


Como dimension image.png


Body : Plywood with PU foam moulded padding. Upholstered in fabric.
Standard Base  : Round metal base with powder coating.

Tilt & Rocking Base  : 5 prong metal base with powder coating.
Seat : PU foam moulded with MDF board and metal reinforcement. Upholstered in fabric.
Headrest : Adjustable height and removable. Plywood with PU foam moulded. Upholstered in fabric.

Footrest  : Base in 25mm MDF board with spray paint. Cushion in PU foam moulded.


Seat Adjustments : Autoreturn 360 degree swivel (Standard), Tilting with upright locking and tension adjustment (Tilt), Rocking front to back (Rocking)

Packaging & Assembly

Assembly: This product is delivered fully assembled.

Delivery time: 2 - 4 weeks (Made to order)


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