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Loft Side Table Special Edition

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🌟 The Loft Side Table: Where Versatility Meets Chic 🌟 

In the dance of design, the Loft Side Table pirouettes gracefully. Picture it—three finishes, each a distinct melody: White, Celtic Ash, and Makana. The room inhales, exhales, and the table glides—light as a whispered secret.

πŸͺ‘ A Symphony of Uses:

  1. Laptop Land: Imagine sinking into your sofa, the day’s to-dos tapping impatiently. The Loft Side Table leans in, whispers, “Rest your laptop here.” It cradles your digital dreams, a bridge between work and relaxation.

  2. Feast for the Senses: The movie night unfolds. Popcorn, chocolate, a glass of merlot—the Loft Side Table hosts them all. Its surface, a canvas for flavor, a stage for taste buds. You chew, you laugh, you lose yourself in cinematic wonder.

  3. Bedside Serenade: As night tiptoes in, the Loft Side Table sidles up to your bed. Your phone rests there, its glow a lullaby. The alarm clock, a faithful companion, whispers, “Tomorrow awaits.” And the lamp? Ah, the lamp—weaves shadows into dreams.

πŸŒ™ The Perfect Companion: The Loft Side Table doesn’t merely exist; it coexists. It’s the hushed confidante, the silent accomplice. It knows your secrets—the late-night musings, the morning rituals. It’s the heartbeat of your living room, the whisper in your bedroom.

So, dear seeker of style and substance, let the Loft Side Table pirouette into your life. It’s more than furniture; it’s a sonnet, a waltz, a whispered promise. πŸͺ‘βœ¨


Swell armchair in a breakout area with window

Strong Load Bearing 

The robust load-bearing capacity of the steel material ensures both stability and durability, allowing it to confidently support weight and provide ease when placing items. 

closeup of Swell's height adjustable headrest

High Quality Design 

Table top is made of MFC (melamine faced chipboard) and is quite resistant to scratches, stains and dirt. The chamfered edges make the table looks thinner and more elegant.

Swell armchairs in red fabric facing the alps outdoor

Better Value Table

Bigger table top suitable for placing more items and bigger laptop.

Two different motion of Swell armchair models

Perfect Height 

It fits perfectly within the height of sofas and beds, making it easy to pull the table towards you.

Two different motion of Swell armchair models

Easy Installation 

The table is designed to be easily installed in less than 5 minutes.

Table Size

520mm (width) x 550mm (depth) x 700mm (height)

Packaging Size & Weight

570mm (width) x 610mm (depth) x 165mm (height)

Weight : 9.78kg


Table : MFC table top

Leg : Powder coated metal leg in black or white

Warranty: 1 month 

Delivery time: 7 - 14 business days  

Please click the link below to download the product details in PDF. 

Bristol Care

DIY Installation 


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